Solar thermal

Solar Thermal Systems North Yorkshire

Solar thermal systems use the sun’s energy to heat up water during daylight hours providing you with a tank full of hot water from the mid afternoon.

They use much less roof space than a typical photovoltaic (solar panel) system requiring only about 5 sq m.

A solar collector mounted on the roof absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it to a medium (usually a water-glycol mixture) which is then pumped to a coil in a tank where it heats up the water.

A conventional emersion heater or gas boiler can be used to top up the temperature of the water particularly in winter or to provide extra hot water when required.

Once the cost of the installation has been paid for (typically £3000 - £5000) the hot water is free and can provide upto 60% of a typical house holds hot water reducing energy bills and the carbon footprint. Households may also be able to claim payments for the heat they generate under the Renewable Heat Incentive, which came into effect for domestic properties in April 2014.

We can offer people Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal systems under the new government incentive.

Solar Thermal Systems North Yorkshire